Auditorium I

The main auditorium is on the ground floor of the building. With capacity for 976 temperature-controlled seats, this is a multi-use space that, thanks to its excellent visual field can host conferences, theatre, opera or symphonic music performances.

Auditorium II

It is located on the ground floor, consists of 276 climate-controlled seats and is designed for organising events requiring lower audience numbers.

Auditorium III

It has 198 seats and two spaces for wheelchairs. This space is specially designed for congressional events, conferences or technical seminars.

Auditorium IV

This space located on the second floor gives events a less formal character, ideal for book presentations, workshops and other functions.

Rooms I, II, II

The second floor of the Conference Centre houses a lobby giving access to three contiguous classrooms seating 54 people each; they can be used as a press room or for imparting training courses.

Glass Room

This multi-use space, which owes its name to its glazed walls, can be accessed from the main lobby. It can be useful for teaching courses, recording sessions or any other kind of small-format function.

Exhibition Hall

It is located in the basement floor, a multi-use space that can useful for a public event as well as a conference meeting, a show, an exhibition or a trade fair.