Inauguración Palacio de Congresos Plasencia
Why choose us

The Conference Centre of Plasencia offers you a team with extensive experience in event coordination.

We offer you personalised attention, advice and tailor-made services.

We accompany you through the entire process of organising your event, before, during and after, so that the most innovative ideas can be used to create unique and exclusive events.

Some of the types of events we can host are the following: Congresses, Conferences, Events, Graduations, Fairs, Exhibitions, Press conferences, Concerts, Shows, Advertising spots, or Recordings, among others.

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Versatility and cutting-edge

VERSATILITY AND CUTTING-EDGE Plasencia Conference Centre is the ideal venue for staging unique events: its futuristic aesthetics and spacious rooms allow you to hold large events and meetings in different formats and various seating capacities


Large-capacity auditorium

Our main hall is the perfect alternative for large-scale meetings or concerts thanks to its impeccable visibility, design and acoustics


Inclusive and accessible

Open and inclusive, the building is a traversable and accessible space designed for everyone’s convenience.


Bespoke service

All our amenities are at your disposal thanks to our team of professionals, who will offer you a warm, bespoke service.


Free parking

One of the great benefits of Plasencia Conference Centre is that it is surrounded by wide avenues with more than 600 free parking spaces.

Iluminación Palacio de Congresos de Plasencia

Rental of Venues

Different rates depending on the space. Ask for special packages for shows and graduations


Technical Assistance

Stagehand to control stage machinery in the main auditorium. Assembly and disassembly of acoustic shell. Support in assisting external sound and lighting technicians


Security Assistants

Auxiliary personnel for information and external access control



Approved companies in our facilities to offer your tailor-made catering services


Events Coordination

Advice before the event by the venue's own staff. Control and support for all needs during the event



Staff for cleaning and disinfection during the event



Maintenance support and assistance by the site's own staff


Security Personnel

Professional personnel for control and security inside the facilities


Guided Visits

Ask for an appointment to visit the facilities guided by the site staff

At Extremadura Conference Centres we have a dossier of external companies that offer all the complementary services you need to organise your event. Contact us for more information.

Additional information

Auditorio Principal Palacio Plasencia

We put at your disposal a dossier for an overview, as well as technical sheets with the most relevant data of each space.