Principal Auditorium

Located on f Loor -1, the principal auditorium is the most attractive space in the building, with 851 seats spread over different levels and balconies. There are two reduced mobility spaces in the seating area and two in the first balconies.

Blue Hall

Located on floor 0, it has a central stage with two opposing seating areas, situated between a glazed surface and a stone wall that is part of the original 17th-century Baluarte de San Roque bastion.

Exhibition Hall

Adjacent to the Blue Hall, the Exhibition Hall is a large open-plan space with one glazed side, ideal for staging trade exhibitions, cultural events, conferences or for use as a restaurant area.

Room I

This is a multi-use space for staging conferences, meetings, workshops, exhibitions; and it can even be used as a restaurant area.

Room II

This space is the smallest of the four multi-use rooms and is perfectly suited for smaller-sized groups organising small school and theatre-format events.

Room III

Room III is next to the Exhibition Hall. Its layout, dimensions and access allow for staging events with or without natural light, as one of its sides is completely glazed and can be closed off with curtains.

Room IV

Room iv is located in the building’s main foyer, close to the auditorium and technical office, and is a space especially designed to meet the needs of the VIP room, speakers’ room, press room, etc.