Main Auditorium

The main auditorium has access to floor -1 of the building and occupies a surface area of 1,000 square metres. It has capacity for 1,270 spectators distributed over four bodies: a central courtyard and three amphitheatres with climate-controlled seats, 6 of them reserved for PRMs.

Contemporary Room

This multi-use room can be accessed from floor 2. It has a roof in two heights and a terrace at one end.

Panoramic Hall and Adjoining Room

This is a multi-use hall located on floor 1. The Panoramic Hall is rectangular in shape and has a glazed longitudinal area that floods it with natural light. The Adjoining Room is connected to the Panoramic Hall via three doors and is equipped to host smaller-capacity conferences, courses, meetings and events.

Multi-Use Rooms

The Floor 0 lobby leads to three multi-use rooms that can host various events. From Floor 1 we can access three rooms used as lecture halls to stage workshops, courses, meetings and conferences.