Cubo Palacio de Congresos Villanueva de la Serena

It is the only building above ground level that can be seen from afar. Its structure does not go unnoticed both for its volume and for the tonalities of its façade depending on the light.

A geometry of voids appears veiled behind thick golden and sometimes earth-coloured cords, as if trying to blend in with the landscape. At night, through the irregular voids, the interior light radiates like a lighthouse in the Vegas Altas.

On the ground floor are the ticket offices, the entrances for artists and the general public, as well as for those going to the restaurant, located on the top floor.

As we go up the stairs we will find the offices and offices of the Department of Culture of the Villanueva de la Serena Town Council, rehearsal rooms and the aforementioned restaurant and cafeteria.

The Cube


  • Practice Rooms
  • Cafeteria Restaurant
  • Panoramic viewpoint
  • City Hall's Department of Culture