Captura web Palacios

The Palacios de Congresos de Extremadura website has been completely updated, using the latest web design technologies and with renewed contents.

In this way, we bring the establishments of the Palacios Network closer to promoter companies and the general public with a multitude of improvements:

  • Designed for use with all types of devices (mobiles, tablets, computers), with agile and intuitive navigation that gives prominence to each of the Palacios.
  • Completely updated texts and photographs
  • Publication of events and shows, with a new alert service available to the public to receive a notification when there is a new event in the Palace
  • 360º views of the Palaces and their different rooms, to get a better idea of what the establishments are like before you even visit them.
  • High definition promotional videos of each Palace
  • Magazines in downloadable format, to read all the information at a different pace.
  • Technical information, such as feature sheets for each venue, lists of equipment and suppliers to facilitate the work of event organisers.
  • Ready to work with major ticketing platforms

The updated website is now available at the following address:


27 June 2023 - 11:34